Report it

In April 2008, we were commissioned by the London Borough of Waltham Forest to run the project 'Report it'. The project was formally launched six months later on 30 September 2009. Under this project, we provide specialist legal advice and advocacy services to the victims of domestic violence and hate crime in Waltham Forest. Since its inception, the project has been a huge success. 'Report' It provides free and confidential advice and support to anyone living or working in Waltham Forest who has been a victim of hate crime or domestic violence. Report it can:

1. Provide confidential, professional advice
2. Help report crime to the police
3. Provide free legal advice
4. Assist in seeking court orders
5. Help make your home safer
6. Provide housing advice and advocacy
7. Refer to counselling and other support services
8. Liaise with The Council or your housing provider





If you are a victim, a concerned friend or relative, you may also speak in confidence with someone on the following numbers.

1. Victim Support Waltham Forest 020 8556 6006
2. Kiran (families with children) 020 8558 1986
3. Haven Waltham Forest (sexual abuse) 020 8539 4157
4. Ashiana Network (single and young people 020 8539 0427
and those fleeing forced marriage) 5. Honour Network (helpline for forced marriage) 0800 5999247
6. Forced Marriage Unit 020 7008 0151
7. 24hr National Domestic Violence Helpline Freephone 08082000247
8. Police Sapphire Unit (sexual abuse) 020 8345 3274/327
9. Same sex abuse support:
10. Broken Rainbow 08452 60 44 60
11. Galop 020 7704 2040
12. Police Community Safety – to report all domestic violence 020 8345 3042 - Address: 1 Kings Head Hill, Chingford, London E4
13. In an emergency call 999



For More Information go to the website: www.reportit.me.uk